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Cycling in Switzerland

Flims is a very popular family, cycling and walking paradise and counts as one of the most versatile holiday regions. Numerous hiking trails, mountain bike trails and clear mountain lakes offer all the ingredients for an active holiday.

Contrary to what you would expect, Switzerland is an ideal cycling country. If you wish there are mountains to conquer, but it’s also possible to go for a relaxing, relatively flat surface bicycle ride. Most people think you have to be a mountain goat to cycle in Switzerland but nothing is further from the truth, you can cycle perfectly flat planes or even just downhill. In Graubünden each path is a cycle trail, there are countless possibilities that make every cyclist’s heart beat faster.

In Switzerland you come across ten times more holiday cyclists with children than in any other country. And the nice thing is, it’s mainly the Swiss themselves who have embraced cycling.

The e-bike, a bicycle with electric pedal assistance, makes cycling in the mountains accessible for everyone. In Flims, there are several bike rental companies that offer a wide range of downhill, freeride, cross-country or e-bikes. The concierge can help making rental bike reservations or arrange for bicycles to be waiting for you at the apartment on your arrival.

View the Flims and surroundings cycling map with all possibilities and different routes. With 330km of cycling routes, many mountain restaurants and 6 charging stations for electrical bikes there is something for everyone in Flims. A breath-taking e-bike route is the Three-Lake Tour. This route takes you straight through fairy-tale forests and along beautiful turquoise mountain lakes where you can also stop for a refreshing swim.

Bike and App
The Graubünden Mountain Bike app can be used to display the mountain bike trails in and around Flims on a smartphone map. Of course, a description of each route is included as well as altitude levels. The Graubünden Mountain Bike and Hiking apps are both available through the App Store and Google Play.

Most cycling routes in Flims are only surrounded by nature where you will not encounter any traffic. If you do cycle on a public road, the Swiss are known as very courteous drivers who keep driving behind you if they cannot pass safely. This is one of the big plus points of cycling in this Alpine country. Add delicious food and excellent wines and Switzerland makes a fantastic holiday destination for cyclists.